About Us

Cleaning the Earth one job at a time.

Intra-Services, Inc. is available by phone 24 hours a day for cleaning services and additional services such as detonation arrestor rentals, VIK testing, Non-Haz Liquid and Solid Waste transportation, in-house environmental consulting, and more!

Intra-Services has been a leader in the industry since 1986. 

Hose Rental/Testing

Wash Services

VIK Inspections

Environmental Consultant


VIK Inspections & Box Repair

About Us


    • Repairs onsite as needed
    • Wash, Repair, Certify
  • Box Repair Services
    • Gasket & Retainer Replacement
    • Welding 
    • Tarp Installation
    • ​Fitting change-outs
    • and more!